HaPhan Tran

Business Intelligence Developer

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

Azure Data Scientist Associate (Python, Spark)

SAS Certified Professional: Advanced Programming

PowerBI, Tableau and Alteryx Certified Specialist

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Training Workshop

With wide range of knowledge in the business and IT fields, I hosted several training workshop with fellow colleagues. The topics are but not limited to Database Design and Management, Python, Data Science, Excel, Data visualization.

Career Consultant

I got my Bachelor degree in Banking and Finance. I self study most of my IT expertise (database design and management, coding, data visualization ...). I can help you to learn fast and effectively without spending hours to find what to learn and where to learn it. If you don't want to learn from me, I can also point out the trusted resources on each topic that can help you learn by yourself.

Data Management services

If you have bunches of Data lying around that you don't know how to make use of, it is a waste of money. I can help you handle those data, clean them up, put them in storage that is convenient for later use in data mining or data analytic


Application Developer


May 2019 - Aug 2019, May 2020 - Pressent

Created business intelligence visualizations by using Tableau platform

Consulted with business and created Tableau dashboards to improve business process

Published customized interactive reports, report scheduling using Tableau server

Created data pipeline using Alteryx to ingest, blend and analyze data

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Sentimental Analysis with movie reviews using Deep learning with Keras

Sentimental Analysis with movie reviews using Deep learning with Keras

In this project, I use IMDB movie reivews sentiment classification (included in Keras) with 50,000 movie reviews that individually scored as positive (1) or negative (0). The dataset is divided into 25,000 reviews for training, 25,000 for testing. The outcome is to use our model to predict that a free form text from user input is a negative or positive comment/review.

pythondeep learningkeraspandasazurecloud
Predict on-time flight arrival using Azure Notebooks

Predict on-time flight arrival using Azure Notebooks

In this project, I will develop binary classifier model to predict the flight will be on-time or late. I also run the performance metric to analyze the precision of the model.

machine learningclassifierpythonazurecloud
Clothing store web application

Clothing store web application

In this project, I developed a web application for a fictional clothing store called Rainbow using React

Tableau - Sleepless in America

Tableau - Sleepless in America

Using Tableau to visualize a data set about amount of time spend on sleep among American age groups.

TableauData visualization
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