What I accomplished during COVID-19 lock down

A little summary for what I did during the pandemic lock down.

Today is my birthday, July 09, and I just ran 9.7 to celebrate myself. The world is having a hard time, when the pandemic changes everyone's life. I, unfortunately, graduated this April and trying to find a full-time job. But I always try to think positively, and here a sentence that I like very much

Using your downtime to level up This pandemic, presses the pause button for a lot of people, which may not happen anytime soon. I, at this point, personally feeling thankful for that chance to pause the normal, fast-pace working life and focus more on personal health and relationship. Me and my wife have a lot of time together, my wife started workout for the first time following ChloeTing youtuber, and I, accomplished a list amazing things

  1. Lost 11 kgs (24 pounds) during 3 months and 5 days.
  2. Studied and passed 2 SAS exam. Now I'm a certified SAS Advance Programmer
  3. Ran my first Half Marathon in Toronto last week (after 8 week of training using Garmin plan)
  4. Can do this workout 3 times with 5-10 mins break in between or 2 rounds back-to-back
  5. Publish the 2.0 version of my website at haphantran.com
  6. Mediate for 40 minutes everyday

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